Wednesday, March 08, 2017

It's International Women's Day what are the issues?

Some women will be marching today against President Trump. 
  • We know it isn't for the right to vote, because many have that and don't vote;
  • we know it isn't for higher minimum wage--only 4% of hourly workers earn that;
  • we know it isn't for higher education because they outnumber men in college; 
  • we know it isn't for protection of Title IX because they believe biological sex doesn't matter and anyone can be a woman even a 6' 300 lb. male wrestler;
  •  we know it isn't for higher salaries because most work for the government in some capacity either as teachers ...(average hourly wage about $60 according to BLS) or mid-level bureaucrats in local or state or federal government and they are paid more than in the private sector; 
  • we know it isn't for freedom of religion or the right to own a gun because they want people to keep religion private and inside churches and want the 2nd amendment to go away; 
  • we know it isn't for life from womb to tomb because they are pro-abortion; 
  • we know it isn't to stop hunger because only 25% of Americans are "normal" BMI; 
  • we know it isn't to crash the glass ceiling because women are free to make choices for career track; 
  • we know it isn't to stop international slave trade in women for sex because they want to do battle against 18th century slave trade.  President Bush freed more Afghan women than Lincoln freed slaves.
So that only leaves the obvious since for the last eight years they just went to work, accepted the paycheck, met friends at the bar to discuss traffic, guys, the kids or grandchildren and nothing is different today under President Trump. Only the paranoid rumors swirling the internet have had a change of names. Again, what are the issues?

The issues in 2013 first year of Obama's 2nd term. But no march on Washington.

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