Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday family photo, memorabilia and memories

I don't remember the exact date, maybe 1970. My dishes were new then. I thought I had given them away about 40 years ago, but found one piece this week while rearranging the cupboards to fit my new crock pot (which I think will go to basement storage due to space problems). Enjoying white tea and memories with this little sweetie.   

I think the first time I used these dishes was the visit of my sister-in-law Jeanne with her mom and two daughters, Julie and Joanie, and they got lost in Columbus. (Three weeks ago Joan and husband Dan came for an R & R visit with us.) The three hour trip (from Indianapolis) became five hours.  They finally called us and Bob went to get them so they could follow him to our house. We lived on the northwest side on Abington Rd., and there was another Abington on the northeast side.  Julie immediately jumped in our car and said, "I'm riding with Uncle Bob." Then in browsing our photo album of the 1960s and 1970s, I spotted a photo of a festive reception in our dining room with these dishes and the dining set.

The table and chairs are now one of the most expensive items in our home after 50 years of use.  It's been in the dining room (108 E. White, Champaign, Charles St. in Champaign, Abington Rd. in Columbus, and our condo where we live now), the kitchen, the family room and at our daughter's home for awhile. Mid-century modern is very "hot" right now, and this little Paul McCobb set is popular.  So popular in fact, I can't afford to buy two more chairs if I decide to move the set back to the dining  room.

Photo album from the 1960s and earlier

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