Saturday, March 04, 2017

Attack on Sessions is to bring down Trump

The meeting for members of Congress with the Russian ambassador was set up by the Obama State Department during the RNC in Cleveland! How rich is that--spread a huge net and catch anyone who might be selected for any position in the Trump administration! The Democrats are two--or five--faced as usual. The Russian ambassador met with Obama over 20 times during the campaign, and when asked about meeting with him, Nancy Pelosi said she never did, but there are photos of her meeting with him now circulating the Internet. And in that interview, which I watched, she seems to be having great trouble with her words and memory--and not just about Russia.  Republicans should gird their loins--after Attorney General Sessions (the goal is to take down Trump) it will be someone else who possibly met with someone from North Korea, or perhaps Cuba, which is a Communist government oppressing its citizens off our southern shore. Cuba. Don't people try to escape that workers' paradise? But Democrats celebrated that even though the U.S. got nothing from the deal.  Hmmm. Who in the government was plugging that? Former President Obama.
"" Sean Spicer, the Trump White House spokesman, said, “The only new piece of information that has come to light is that political appointees in the Obama administration have sought to create a false narrative to make an excuse for their own defeat in the election.” He added, “There continues to be no there, there.”"

There's also news this morning that Trump Tower was wired by order of President Obama.  This attempt by Democrats to undo the election results is getting very serious. Joseph McCarthy redux. This should be the story of the day--if we had a free and honest media. The media reported negatively about Trump 88% of first four weeks of his presidency (Media Research Center) and had thrills up their legs and laps when writing about Obama. The question to be answered--does this help or hurt him? The general public knows how wrong they were about the election, do they even pay attention? And do they believe any of the non-Trump stories? 

Congress met with Russians all through the campaign, but the President especially met with them--22 times. And he assured the American people there was no truth to the Russia rumors. Obama's Justice Department investigated Hillary Clinton and his AG met with Clinton's husband privately to discuss grandchildren. Everything points to Obama as the campaign fixer, an attempt which failed.

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