Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Can waiting room chairs accommodate anyone larger than size 10?

Yesterday I didn't blog, but I was a client at a clinic that is two  years old (the practice is older, and so is the building, but the practice moved down the street and remodeled this building). Modern everything--lots of glass and exotic lighting fixtures--except the seating. Of ca. 30 chairs, only one would accommodate an obese, or even mildly overweight patient or care giver. 29.8% of Ohio is considered obese; 32.6% of Columbus. Ohioans need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but I don't think discouraging them with chair size is the way to do it. Also I noticed that the trendy interior decor made it impossible to read the equally trendy light gray titles and instructions on the glass doors from the hall ways. I started out in the wrong space.  Just getting old and crabby, I guess.

This strikes me as odd because if I walk through a residential furniture store, the couches and chairs are huge.  We can hardly find one that fits our body size; yet office furniture seems stuck in the 1950s size ranges.

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