Friday, March 10, 2017

Republicans need to work together--act like a Democrat

 Lots of rumbles out there.  Not only the RINOs, Tea Party and spineless in Congress, but all the talk show hosts and groups on the internet. We already have a lot of government "health care" which is insurance not care. Medicaid, Medicare. S-Chip, VA and BIA. 5 different systems for special needs, the poor, the elderly, children, veterans and American Indians. If you want to see how well total government take over of health works, look at BIA--cradle to grave care and the least healthy group in the U.S. There was no reason that in 2009 the Democrats couldn't have come up with a plan to assist or insist for that 15% that didn't have or didn't want or hadn't signed up for health insurance. Now that they've terrified the nation with lies that they will lose a (really bad) benefit, it's difficult to repeal and replace. The average voter/citizen isn't like Ayesha, informed and active. An ex-felon helped design it while in prison. It's tenacles are in every imaginable regulation and law. This will take time. Let the plan unfold. But we do need to get the sick and most vulnerable out of the ER and into the doctor's office. The Democrats in Congress will block anything--we shouldn't help them create chaos.

 Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) made incorrect assumptions according to Dr. Elaina George: "first, that having health insurance equals access to quality affordable healthcare; second, that central planning via government regulations and mandates could be used to control costs; and third, that the behavior of doctors and patients could be controlled by implementing rigid practice guidelines (i.e., value based medicine, care driven by algorithms instead of physician judgement) and increasingly shifting the cost of healthcare to patients leading them to self-ration by pricing them out respectively." If the Republicans can't change the philosophy behind the idea that government knows best, this will be hard to fix.

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