Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Trump Hatred

I really did think Democrats would get over it, but they haven't and it's getting worse. Starting to concern me. Some of it is the nature of capitalism. The mega wealthy actually support Democrats’ push for higher taxes and more regulations. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but it helps them cut their competition off at the knees. The bigger the bull, the more likely it is to support Democrats. 
I also see that old timey RINOs see him as a threat because it means if a businessman can run Washington better than they can, they are failures. It’s pretty obvious they can’t hold together like Democrats do. 
Young people, I can sort of understand. Ignorance. Lack of foresight, or knowledge of history. They’re up for a riot or protest no matter what the cause, and the further left the better. With social media, it’s easy to call the gangs out for a riot. Communism? Terrific. Islam? Anything to defy Christianity. Police? We know the answer.
Vandalism of Trump property, insulting his family, protesting every regulation and law that undoes Obama’s, insulting him nightly on the comedy shows and the self worshiping award shows--that’s a way to keep the country standing still until the next Democrat Congress and President, which is what they’re working on. Because of Obama's race, all that was off limits. A difference kind of racism. Snoop Dog has a new video of assassinating Trump (Ron Klump).  Imagine a wealthy celebrity white entertainer being allowed to do that to Obama!
Meanwhile, millions of Americans can’t get better jobs, better health insurance, better educations, lower taxes, and better infrastructure. Sure, some capitalists will be happy for fewer regulations so they can compete, but it’s no skin off their noses if Democrats make this fail—they’ve got a lot of other countries to which they can relocate.  They don't care if foreigners with HB1 visas take the jobs of graduates from the public universities, whose education we paid for.

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