Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Earth Charter is alive and well

I first read this Earth Charter in 2008 during the presidential campaign of 2008, and realized it was actually the Democratic platform, and supported both by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  At the core is Pantheism in the spiritual realm, then globalism in the political.  She won the popular vote, however, he won the most primaries, so he became the candidate and the president. Much of this was already well into fruition by 2008, but advanced during the last 8 years of Barack Obama. Discover the Earth Charter. It would have continued if Clinton had been elected in November, but it will still continue, just slightly tamped down.

 President Obama's programs lost the Democrats most of the states and provided the new president with a Republican majority in the House and Senate.  Much of the outrage and horror we see about President Trump is stepping on someone's religious beliefs--the thinly veiled pantheism that was elevated in the last 2 terms. Particularly climate change hype and blurring the lines of biology. The big push in the Earth Charter is the elimination of national interests, which in light of what is going on in populist and national movements in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, may have precipitated this unpopular notion.
1. Earth worship (global warmism/pantheism).
2. Evolution, broadly defined.
3. Socialized medicine.
4. World federalism.
5. Animal rights (animals are seen as our brothers and sisters).
6. Income redistribution among nations and within nations.
7. Eradication of genetically modified crops.
8. Contraception and “reproductive health” (legal abortion); every small and weak creature except the human fetus is protected in the scheme.
9. World-wide “education for sustainability” which includes spiritual education.
10. Debt forgiveness for third-world nations.
11. Adoption of the gay rights agenda, including gay marriage in the churches.
12. Elimination of nuclear weapons and the right to bear arms.
13. Redefining the media so it will support the environmental agenda, not report on it.
14. Setting aside biosphere reserves where no human presence is allowed.

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