Friday, March 17, 2017

Site meter stats

Checked my site meter at my blog. 985 hits today. The big hits this week were a cartoon on the Ohio weather and U.S. spending on diabetes. A hit doesn't mean a read.  The words come up in a search. Here's what I get for my free statistics.  Blogger also supplies statistics, and they seem to be completely different.
  • Detailed stats - Specific info about your visitors such as their IP, location, browser type, and pages they loaded.
  • Hit - When a visitor opens a page on your site, also referred to as a pageload.
  • IP masking - Hides the last part of their IP in the stats.
  • Log - This holds all of your detailed stats. It has a has a finite limit and removes the oldest stats to make room for new stats.
  • Log size - Represents how many detailed stats can be stored. The free log comes with a log size of 500, so it can hold detailed stats for the last 500 hits. To hold more detailed stats you can adjust the log size at this page.
  • Pageload - When a visitor opens a page on your site, also referred to as a hit.
  • Returning visitor - A visitor who has been to the site before and has returned.
  • Tracking code - The StatCounter code placed on your site to collect stats on visitors.
  • Unique visitor - Represents one visitor to the site.

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