Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Found in a Christmas card, December 1998

Still finding letters from my mom inside the card box I'm clearing out. By this time (1998) Mom and Dad were living in a lovely retirement apartment at Pinecrest, so the view she describes is from their front room window. Of course, it's nicer to see her familiar handwriting, so here is only the content. She was 86.
Marge invited me to go along to a Home Extension meeting yesterday.  I had been a 50 year member, so many of the group remembered me.  It was a very enjoyable time.  I even came home with a gift, a pretty pin to wear on my dress.  The meeting was at Marlene Witmer's. The Home Ext. ladies reminded me that there had been a Christmas meeting at the farm (near Franklin Grove).  I had forgotten about it.  It was quite a long time ago.

We had pizza at Amy's house last evening.  She had made 3 kinds and I chose olive and mushroom! Chris and his girl friend and Heather and boyfriend were also there.  Chris had his pet cat along in a carrier.  The cat had nearly been killed by the Tomcat and needed extensive veterinary help.  It was a lovely cat and reminded me of kittens in the barn when Clare and I hunted them.

We have 9 lighted pines to view from our front window.  Beautiful when the lights go on at 4:30.  We plug in our little Christmas tree then, too.  We have a wreath on the door.  It makes a very nice walk to do the 3 floors and view how cheerful it looks with so many decorated.  Our next door neighbor has their door covered with little Santas and other Christmas reminders.  There are many "Baby Jesus" pictures and it's not all Santa Claus.

My one little African violet is blooming again after a 2 months rest.  The geranium isn't getting any buds.  Think it needs some real sun.

Think I'll walk up town this afternoon sporting my cane.  Dad insisted I use one since I took that tumble in November.  This warm weather surely won't last.  I would really like to see a touch of pretty white snow and watch someone else shovel it.  I have my warm coat and gloves and boots all ready for cold weather!     Love Mother

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