Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Strength training for seniors

The results of my bone scan (DEXA) of last week show some more loss and the doctor is recommending strength training/weight bearing exercises.  Of course, the best I know is walking, but with occasional bursitis and the questionable weather in Ohio's spring, I haven't been doing much, but instead getting about 5 miles a day on my exercycle. Stairs and treadmill are not good for my bursitis. Sometimes I add a 2 lb weight while on the cycle. So I looked it up. Here's what NIH recommends.

Strength Exercises to Try

These 10 muscle strengthening exercises shown below target the upper and lower body.
Upper Body Exercises
  1. wrist curls
  2. arm curls
  3. side arm raises
  4. elbow extensions
  5. chair dips
  6. seated rows with resistance band
Lower Body Exercises
  1. back leg raises
  2. knee curls
  3. leg straightening exercises
  4. toe stands
See the discussion at the website on exactly how to proceed.

Hip fractures are the #1 reason for nursing home admissions.

Taking calcium supplements always upset my stomach, so although I've used them from time to time, I did discontinue them in the last few years.  Time to get some again.

Weight bearing exercise for seniors

Exercise and osteoporosis

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