Monday, April 17, 2017

Renters have more food insecurity

In the United States, “food insecurity” is a term designating households, and hunger designates an individual. The new term appeared about 2006 and is somewhat subjective meaning if at anytime during the last month one adult in a household reported in a USDA survey being unable to afford balanced meals or reducing the size of meals or being hungry because too little money for food, the household has “food insecurity.” From the USDA definition, it seems to be primarily based on money, and not behavior like not able to get to a store, or being incapable of preparing food for the household, or not knowing how to boil a potato when McDonald's is closed.

The 2015 information was included in the 2016 Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey for the first time noting differences between households that rent and those who own.  Renters have more food insecurity than owners.  Don’t start a Renters Lives Matter protest.  College students are generally renters, as are young professionals who don’t want to mow lawns.

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