Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Sean Spicer flap and Democrat over reach

Alan Dershowitz writes they are pandering to leftist Jews with these "anti-semitic" charges. Plus the DNC has a known anti-semite in charge of their party.  They are so panicked that they might have to acknowledge Trump is president.

Odd, that people who aren't Trump haters knew what Spicer was saying. All the president's men and all the cable news talking heads should take an oath to find someone other than Hitler to use in their metaphors and similes. I thought the media had used them all on GW Bush, but apparently not. The idiocy floating around social media and the MSM and Democrat politicians is just bizarre.  Now video has appeared from 2013 of Chris Matthews reporting, "Not even Hitler used gas. . ."  Where is the outrage, Nancy Pelosi? Why so quiet Huffington Post? 
Remember when Obama referred to his religion as Islam and the reporter corrected him? Don't remember an apology or the Democrats going crazy. I thought Spicer was perfectly clear and only the Trump haters made it an issue. Obama stammered through so many press conferences he was unintelligible, but they always swooned.

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