Sunday, April 30, 2017

Today I noticed this in the American Library Association State of America's libraries 2017 report. All the buzz words that can fit left of center. Did you pass a bond issue to combat Islamophobia, or have a Democrat tell you what is fake news? Have you ever suggested a Christian magazine or a pro-life title and been told there's no demand?  Try asking for a reading list on social justice for the unborn.
"Our 9,082 public libraries play a vital role in such community services as early childhood literacy, computer training, and workforce development. In addition, they provide a safe place for everyone, reflecting and serving the diversity of their communities in their collections, programs, and services. The thousands of public libraries in towns and neighborhoods across the United States invite community conversations and actions that further understanding and address local needs.
Public libraries nationwide are taking action, using signs and social media to proclaim “everyone is welcome”; creating reading lists on demographics, voting, social justice, and other hot topics; partnering with community organizations to combat Islamophobia and racism and to connect with disenfranchised populations; and developing programs to help community members spot “fake news” (such as false or misleading statements, video or images shown out of proper context, dubious statistics, manipulated content, partisan propaganda, or satire) and evaluate information online."

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