Thursday, April 06, 2017

Why do comedy shows and social media delight in ridiculing Pence's commitment to his marriage?

I know this question “why” is rhetorical and we understand why the reporter and other anti-Trumpsters think it’s worthy of discussion. The news babe/guy who first released it thought it was important to say "look over there," rather than report on important news like the former president spying on the current president, or the red lines Obama drew in his disastrous foreign policy. It’s difficult to light up social media or the late night shows by discussing serious matters. News people could report on how the whole "intelligence community" is stonewalling President Trump, but ridiculing Pence is more fun (and safe). I watch old Carson reruns, so I see only the routines from the 80s written by the then 20 somethings and don't catch the current  late night shows written by their grandchildren for O'Brien, Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel, etc.  The left loves to ridicule love, marriage, fidelity, faith, commitment, honor, virtue and honesty, and this is fodder for their limp, lifeless comedy routines. When they try to ridicule Trump, he ends up being right as he was on the “wire tapping” tweet, so they have to go after Pence and a perfectly sensible comment made years ago (as I recall the meme).

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