Monday, April 17, 2017

When a progressive says "FREE"

In commenting on "free NY college" Michael Smith does some translating for us (on Facebook):

"Anytime a progressive announces a "free" anything, you can bet:
1. It will come with many, many strings attached...
2. It will only be "free" for a very small and select group
3. That very small and select group will be Democrat voters
4. The true cost of the "free" stuff will never be disclosed
5. The cost of the "free" program will be borne by taxpayers
6. Most of the taxpayers who pay for the "free" program will not be eligible for it
7. The media will never investigate it and will always tout its "freeness" in every report
8. The "free" program will be a failure but it will live on as money continues to be pumped into it
9. The "free" program will not accomplish any metric or milestone projected for it
10. The politicians and their media enablers will call it a success and it will be touted as a resume enhancer to support the politician's future political aspirations
And I would add #11. The progressive will also find a way to say that Jesus said it first, especially if it's around Easter.

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