Saturday, July 08, 2017

Can heterodoxy survive on campus?

The Leftists have redefined so many words and concepts (even pronouns) as racist and sexist and transphobic, I'm not sure Heterodoxy can make it in academe. Librarians led the way, but now leftist ideas control the academy.

 "Heterodox Academy was founded in September 2015 to call attention to this trend and the problems it is causing for scholarship, particularly in the social sciences and related fields (such as law and public policy). The word heterodox means “not conforming with accepted or orthodox standards of beliefs.” We chose that word to contrast with “orthodoxy,” which refers to conforming with accepted norms and beliefs. Orthodoxy has religious connotations, but it can be applied to any view that becomes dogma or dogmatic, such as “orthodox Marxism,” “social constructionist orthodoxy,” or “free market orthodoxy.”"

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