Friday, July 07, 2017

What's behind denial of biology?

There have been attacks on God's Word from the days in which it was passed along through tradition and story telling, to the compilation of letters by apostles sent to believers (the Bible), through false leaders denying the Trinity, discounting the body and blood of Jesus, on to inventing new theories for salvation, and scrambling to deify the culture in every century and especially in the seminaries. But the latest and most hostile attack is the hoax of transgenderism, that our unique design and sexuality and how God formed us male and female for the preservation and furtherance of the human race is just a human construct to be dismantled and revised as needed. It is just one more way to control people.

My issue is not with the less than one percent  who are confused about their gender.  My objection is the forcing by government regulations of their confusion on the rest of us with special pronoun rules, non-profits declaring we are "less than" and bigoted because we believe God's plan, and parents and doctors who sexually abuse minor children with reassignment surgery and hormones.

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