Saturday, July 01, 2017

Was it racist and sexist when the left attacked Condi Rice?

I asked on Facebook thinking of Susan Rice's complaints about why her behavior in office is being scrutinized.  But Kelly reminded me about Allan West, Alan Keyes, Ken Blackwell, Kay James ... anyone who believed in traditional Christian morality and didn't help their narratives. Oh yes, and Clarence Thomas, said David Keck.

Then Keck remarked, in the last few years, it has been the Republican Party that has been more diverse in its candidates at every level. For President last time, for example: young (Marco Rubio), Hispanic (Rubio, Ted Cruz), female (Nikki Haley, Carly Fiorina), business and senior in age (Trump), faith-based (Huckabee, Santorum), African-American (the good doctor Ben Carson and now HHS secretary), and Indian sub-continent heritage (Bobby Jindal) to name but a few. The Democrats? A self-avowed Socialist, two governors, and an entitled female. Some diversity.

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