Saturday, July 29, 2017

If they don't drink enough water, why is it my fault?

I've been blamed for the 18th c. slave trade, for the KKK, for Jim Crow, for segregated schools, for income gaps, for health outcomes from asbestos in old buildings in the inner cities, and now because blacks and hispanics don't drink enough water, all because my German and Irish ancestors arrived here without a penny to their names before the Revolutionary War.

"Non-Hispanic Blacks and Hispanics were 40% more likely to be inadequately hydrated compared with non-Hispanic White adults, the researchers found. People with lower incomes were 20% more likely to be inadequately hydrated compared to those with higher incomes. Tap water intake, which was lower among Blacks, Hispanics, and those with lower incomes, partially explained the racial/ethnic differences in hydration status."

Harvard Public Health Chan Newsletter, July 25

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