Monday, July 03, 2017

Dogs on my morning walk along the lake

Dogs. I don't have a dog, but I think I understand them, having had many in my childhood. Most dogs have well behaved owners, but some could use some training--the people, I mean. We're at our summer home, many owners and visitors have dogs, and that's a lot of sniffing, barking and eliminating activity. Every morning on my walk along a quiet, still lake with people still asleep, the owner of a water loving dog (like a spaniel or Lab) takes his dog into the water and throws rocks. The dog goes berserk in the water--especially when he realizes it's a rock and he can't retrieve it. Yip, yip, yap, yap. I can hear him for at least a mile.

Then there's the guy with the dog the size of a Holstein calf. Same coloring, too. No visible poop baggie, but maybe he's putting it in his sweatshirt pocket? Blankets will be going down tomorrow for the fireworks. Watch out, folks.

And the poor little overweight doggie who looks like a black and tan Dachshund with some white. His little short legs can barely keep up with his 14" companion and his abdomen is dragging. Seems it might be more beneficial to get him some diet food before the strain of keeping up with a healthier dog.

I've seen a few pit bulls. Do you really need to crop their cute, soft, floppy ears like that? Unless you plan to enter them in ring fights, is that necessary?

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