Thursday, July 27, 2017

When the military uses sex instead of security for guidelines

What if the soldier believes she is NOT a woman, but just a man with large breasts and female genitalia, a man who has menstrual cycles and can bear children. She thinks surgery and hormones would be invasive and a violation of her body.   How far will the military go to accommodate her delusion?

What if the Marine says he want to marry a man, or declare him a domestic partner/civil union, but they are both heterosexuals who need the spousal benefits. . . special discounts, housing, access to resorts for vacations,  and healthcare. How far will the military go to accommodate their longing to be married for benefits, not love or sex? Will it demand to see fondling or anal sex?  If they were male and female would their motives be questioned?

What if the Airman wants a 13 day leave for his grandmother’s domestic partner’s funeral, but there’s no record he has a grandmother, in fact according to the records, he doesn’t even have parents. He insists this grandmother was his deceased grandfather’s domestic partner and her most recent partner has died.  How far will the Air Force stretch the definition of family for a man who insists this man is “family.”

What if a Coast guardsman demands to meet the physical fitness test for women because he is smaller and weighs less than the women in his unit. Should he be judged physically unfit just because he has no wish to be permanently a woman when men who’ve had a sex change or declared they are women can qualify under the lesser standards? 

A member of the Foreign Service lists his sister as a domestic partner to whom he is committed for life and they share a common residence. Their birth records have been changed through adoption so legally they are not siblings.

And there are so many other scenarios.There are existing rules, but rules about sex and behavior can be changed as we learned during the Obama years.   Polygamy and incest rules are “judgmental” and who is the government to pass judgment on relationships when changing society is more important than security?

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