Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ogle County storms July 22

As we watched the weather reports here in Ohio, I could see that northern Illinois was being slammed by storms. Photos and story by Jerry Stouffer of Mt. Morris.

"The overnight storm on Friday night into Saturday morning July 22 turned the mild mannered Pine Creek into a roaring out of control wild river in a mater of a few hours as the unusual storm that hit the Ogle County area with up to 6.5 inches of rain.  The entire lower portion of the White Pines State Park located just south of Mt. Morris was turned into a massive river.  Water was also flowing across the Pines Road at the entrance to the park closing the Pines Road until mid morning.  By late morning the creek had receded back into its banks leaving much clean up to be done in the park before it can be reopened.  Several large trees were uprooted and picnic tables were swept away in the torrent flood waters."
This is the area of Illinois (Pine Creek) where my father grew up, and where as a child and teen I attended many school and church functions.


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