Monday, July 10, 2017

Is Alt-Left dead?

 Alt-left is dead says Lionel Nation.

I found Lionel while searching for an alternative to cable news, including Fox which has been taken over by the sons, and after getting used to his 5 synonyms for every noun, I enjoy most of his posts.
He was never a Trump fan, but always has an interesting take on how Trump is trolling and destroying all the memes and lies of the Left. Some of the people he chides, like Nikki Haley, I like and don't get his beef.

Well, the 24/7 coverage of Russia/Trump collusion has destroyed the credibility of CNN, Washington Post, and New York Times. So I suppose that's a somethingburger.

I was reading Ivanka Trump's comments on empowering women entrepreneurs and involving the World Bank, IMF, OECD, etc. Forty years ago when I worked in the Agriculture Library at OSU on a grant from USAID with the Ag Econ faculty these methods were already well described using the same institutions. I wonder if anyone ever read the research on how supplying women with small credit opportunity empowered her, her family, other women and the whole village?

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