Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wildlife talk at Lakeside

I attended a wildlife talk at Lakeside today (huge crowd). I left when the speaker got to the creepy crawler part. But the kids love that stuff.  The most common squirrel in Ohio is the flying squirrel and we have over 260 eagle nests. Again, children were told not to pick up bird feathers because only Native Amercians can use them. The Migratory Bird act has probably saved billions of birds and was passed in 1918, but the Department of Justice clarified the religious use of bird parts in 2012.
“The Department of Justice has taken a major step forward by establishing a consistent and transparent policy to guide federal enforcement of the nation’s wildlife laws in a manner that respects the cultural and religious practices of federally recognized Indian tribes and their members.”
 Fine. But you would think other religions could be respected for marriage and locker room traditions.

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