Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Can we legally change our age, like sex?

Every sane person with even a basic science education knows one's sex can't be changed. Sex not a social construct. Gender is a grammar term. But now that the idea that one can also choose to change the years lived, usually reducing, but I suppose some would raise so large numbers could vote, we have a new wrinkle (no pun). If fantasy, wishes and gullibility can change sex, why not age? Hormones and surgery will again come to the rescue! Look at all the laws we have based on age--social security eligibility, voting, driving, running for office, certain professions, marriage, age of consent. It's discriminatory. Yes, why not? We have 6 year old concert pianists; why not surgeons? The ultimate fountain of youth (or age).  I know many 75 year olds that seem to be brighter than college students, at least politically. Why not call them 50 if that's what they desire?

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