Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Trump’s words more powerful than Clinton’s deeds?

On September 20, 2016, some 6 weeks before the most divisive election I can remember, I wrote in my blog,

“Hillary was speaking at an airport on Sunday in the same zombie voice and blaming Donald Trump for recruitment of terrorists [I had cited  a comment Trump had made about a bombing by a Muslim in NYC]. She stated it as fact. Again, his off the cuff words are more important than her carefully planned actions which helped create ISIS and the explosive situation in Syria from her days as Secretary of State. She even said she has "contributed to acts" and current strategy. Not a good recommendation. Stop when you're ahead, lady. “

Mrs. Clinton contributed to the current mess in the middle east, yet Trump is being heaped with blame for withdrawing our troops from Syria. Obama went through 5-6 defense advisors, including some who didn’t see eye to eye with him, yet losing General Mattis is causing a veritable melt down on the Sunday talk shows. When Obama dumped Hagel, the NYT referred to it as an “itch” for change.  The MSM always have us on the brink of a tsunami/hurricane/tornado/earthquake unlike any other. They keep Democrats and Never Trump Republicans in a constant state of anxiety and hatred.

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