Friday, December 21, 2018

Tenure won’t protect you against the social justice witch burners

You think you're safe at your university of college if you have tenure? Not if you come out for western civilization and don't believe in creating pools of victims. Rick Mehta, an associate professor of psychology, has been outspoken on a range of contentious issues. He has come under fire for saying multiculturalism is a scam, there's no wage gap between men and women, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has created a victim narrative. Identity politics are divisive. Duh. All he was suggesting was a discussion. Imagine that--doing what colleges are supposed to do. He had many teaching awards, right up to his firing. Academe has been entrapped by a group of "true believers' [in Marxism]. No discussion is allowed.

Janice Fiamengo went from being a radical feminist to a moderate feminist to an anti-feminist after 9/11 when she saw her Canadian colleagues enjoying the event and proclaiming "they deserved it." Also she saw how unjust hiring practices were--very anti-white men. She became outraged when equity hiring meant the most qualified person wasn't chosen . Now speaks out on behalf of men.

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