Monday, December 10, 2018

News of the day, Monday December 10

*I am so done with "hate speech." With AI we'll soon have "hate thoughts" and even if no word was uttered, you'll lose a job, or a position of honor or a Heisman Trophy. Right now we're down to two categories that can be insulted with impunity--Trump supporters and old ladies with white hair (I've had to leave the liberal social media platforms for the threats due to my age--"die old hag--make room on the planet for people worth it"). I hope the reporter who dug through the twitter trash of a 14 year old is happy.

I'm about to start sticking up for the ridiculous rap artists who say ugly things about light skin black women (the only black women allowed in their videos) just so they can have freedom of speech and act dumb when asked about it, denying they mean any disrespect.

**It's perfectly clear now. It has always been about getting Trump out of office, to undo the will of the people and never was about Russia. If it were about Russia, they'd be investigating Clinton and the deep state that works within the "Just-Us" Department.  They’d be going after Strzok, and Comey, and Ohl, instead of trying to rescue Obama’s “legacy” and saving Hillary. Millions of tax dollars have gone to a slush fund to protect the offices and skin of members of Congress who have been sued for various problems, but no out of control prosecutor has tried to kick them out of office. If Trump paid off a prostitute, it was his own money.  Democrats intend to do nothing of the “people’s work” the next two years, and believe they were elected to try to unseat Trump.

***Same old, same old for 40 years. Global warming aka climate change.  I think the agnostics/atheists care deeply about the creation because they don't believe the Creator, or that there was one. Let's get our priorities right. Clean up our own messes first, house, yard, neighborhood, then work outward. Rid ourselves of hate, anger and lies, then work on the plastic bottles, Styrofoam cups and plastic straws. Work up to not flying our luxury jets to climate conferences.

****If a conservative mob on social media had attacked a black business man and destroyed his small business, it would have been national news for weeks on CNN. But if leftist haters do it, then it's just business as usual.  Marcella Jackson and her husband will rebuild because they believe in the American dream, and that isn't socialism.

Marcella was a “closet conservative. . . “ until a few months ago when a radical LEFTIST attacked my and my husband's small sausage business after being seen on stage at a Delaware Trump rally.

I watched in horror as leftists smeared my husband online and called him a racist and a hate monger. I watched them leave nasty messages, write bad reviews and down vote our business without having ever tried our amazing sausages or vegan products.

Frankly, I knew people could be mean spirited, but I did not expect them to harass our business customers or convince our landlord not to renew our rental agreement. I never thought people would attack a stranger without so much as verifying if the information that they were acting on was true.

But they did. In about a weeks time we found ourselves essentially without income.”

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