Tuesday, December 11, 2018

If only CNN had been on the job then

A few years ago (Dec. 2015) the Blaze published an expose about Muslims in the Obama White House, but the link gave me the dreaded 404 message. But I found it at one of those archive sites.


But no scandals for Obama; not a one.

"Purges, blacklists, book banning, mandatory “re-education” and punishment would otherwise sound like a program by the Khmer Rouge, not so-called U.S. “civil rights” organizations. But these events of “Black October” would set in motion a radical shift in our nation’s national security and counter-terrorism policies."

If we just had had a free press during the Obama years. . . Like a CNN watchdog over the presidency like we have now.

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opit said...

I'm not at all sure a "CNN watchdog over the Presidency" is what we have. When I look at climate change, I see promotion of alarm as overwhelmingly 'normal'. What might be normal for competing with astrologers or perhaps shamans reading chicken gizzards to supposedly predict the future with a culturally appropriate crystal ball with a smokescreen of 'scientific' basis is constantly represented as GOP folly. I have resented Sarah Palin sounding like the voice of sanity for a long time, but it illustrates the stupidity of posing a political football as a scientific question. Hillary blew it on emails, Bengazi and a willingness to militarily engage the Russian air force in Syria. Funny how the establishment runs on as usual promoting war which Trump said he did not want and blaming Russia for totally ludicrous issues. It's no wonder there are Russian bombers in Venezuela. Nations where the US dollar is worthless - by US choice - are banding together to do without. It's not as if they are given a choice by masters of fraud and robbery. And, of course, this is part and parcel of predictions the US dollar will crash. When you say something has no value long enough people start to believe you. That is standard for any propaganda.
Meanwhile it is interesting how not just prosecution of wars has continued apace, but escalation of alienation from 'friends' is the order of the day. If it isn't using treaty arrangements to snag the Huewei CFO ( China ) in Canada or Assange in the UK, a nation which brags about 'rule of law' while operating Gitmo is obviously morally bankrupt....and has been for quite a while. We end up with the EU itself in a stew over its own in house banking procedures because a supposed ally can't bear to keep its treaty with Iran - continuing a bullshit representation where people without WMD are the 'real danger' and must be stopped - garbage which has continued for deacdes. It isn't all about Trump. There are enough aware of Wilkerson and the PNAC heritage which falsely awarded the presidency to GW Bush to think the real problem is Foggy Bottom. Trump ? Lipstick on the pig.