Sunday, December 16, 2018

Planning New Year’s Resolutions?

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What are you planning for New Year's resolutions? I went back through my blog and for 2018 it was clean the coffee pot with vinegar and water, so I went back to January 2009 and I had thrown them all out except #5, which was to buy a new floor lamp. About 40 years ago I resolved to stop biting my finger nails, and I succeeded.

On Jan. 1, 2008 I wrote about diets. "It's not rocket science. Reading and following even well-intentioned, healthy recipes can add pounds. A roasted pear, walnut and feta cheese salad has 400 calories. A side dish of fresh, tender crisp asparagus has 88. And if you're like me, the cheese will make you hungry." and also this, "About a year ago [2007], JAMA reported that in a study of the four major diet plans, the only successful people were the publisher and the author/researchers who got the grant. None of the diets worked well, or consistently, and none of the groups (ladies) were really following them."

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