Thursday, December 06, 2018

Christmas party attire

We attended a lovely Christmas dinner with our Conestoga group (Ohio history) last night in Clintonville.  I wore a nice black dress, with full coverage, but that makes no difference when it’s made of a synthetic fabric.  I was freezing, and since we were there early because the couple we went with had some responsibilities, I wore my coat for about an hour before dinner.  We have another dinner tonight with our Lakeside friends at the Conservatory on the east side of Columbus. I’m still not going to wear slacks like most older ladies do, but I’m thinking of a black sweater and skirt with a red jacket with a nice seasonable pin so I can at least be comfortable.  In the “olden days” of wool winter clothing, drafty banquet halls were not such a problem, or else my blood was thicker.

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