Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Cohen, Clinton, Trump connection

Christopher Buckley writes:

"Question: How come Clinton fixer Lanny Davis publicly became Cohen's lawyer?

Answer: That was the only way the Clintons could control the situation. That way Davis could hear every single thing that was going on. Cohen belonged to the Clintons and was spying and trying to entrap Trump, then Mueller tried to use him, but there was nothing there to use, Cohen got himself legitimately in trouble, he wasn't nailed on a process crime. He's going to the fancy Club Fed in upstate NYC, but he sure has a lot of information on Hill and Bill... I am 100% certain that Davis was part of the deal to help keep him healthy indefinitely, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if that's the last we see of Cohen..."

Yes, the way Clinton operatives disappear, I’d be worried if I were Cohen.

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