Friday, December 21, 2018

She doesn’t want to be wished happiness

Julia Ioffe complained in WaPo article about people wishing her a Merry Christmas. A commenter replied:

"Oh, for heaven's sake! I can understand a Jewish person being sensitive in the current climate, but this sort of "everyone stop what they're doing because it's all about me" wears people out. This is why people hate the left, and I'm a leftie! As an atheist, Ms Ioffe, I typically wish people Happy Holidays, but if they wish me a Merry Christmas, I respond with the same with a warm heart. Not for the holiday, which I dislike more for its retail nature than its religious nature, but for the warm wishes they are extending me. Did your parents never teach you "When in Rome..."? If I were in Israel, I'd do my best to revel in the holidays celebrated there, or at least to tolerate them with a smile. Same thing if I were in Pakistan (and don't get me started on my views of Islam - I'm a feminist for crying out loud and no fan of any religion). I want to sympathize, I really do, but you are not winning friends or influencing people here. Would you have all the world be drab, with no one celebrating anything because, well, someone somewhere won't be into that? Focus on taking tax breaks away from churches to make the separation of church and State more meaningful. But being wished a Merry Christmas? (and really, you had to bring this up just as the right was starting to realize their war on Christmas stuff was nonsense?) Being wished a Merry Christmas is a mind over matter problem - if you don't mind, it don't matter. Get over yourself!"

She wandered off the reservation to address churches, hurting her otherwise sensible advice. Although I think taking grant money from the government is bad for churches, being exempt from taxes predates the founding of the United States, and would seriously damage millions of 501-c3's which are exempt for charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary public safety or sports.

As concerns Julia Ioffe, I don't think she minds at all (says it's because she's Jewish, but I think it's because she was raised a Soviet Russian citizen). She just hasn't been in the news for awhile, and can't resist touching the hot stove. She craves attention--even negative.

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