Thursday, September 08, 2022

Biden calls out GOP MAGA as fascist

It's nothing new to point out how the Democrats accuse the Republicans of doing what they themselves are doing. Like smearing all Trump voters as fascists because they question the tricks and travesties of the 2020 election, when Hillary Clinton, Stacy Abrams, Al Gore, etc. have all done it earlier, longer and louder. But they have "science" to back them up. Well, social science. There was a pseudo-scientific study done in the 1950s , "The Authoritarian Personality" by Theodor Adorno and others. It was massaged a bit for American academe and was popular in the 1980s with all sorts of levels of personality traits to explain the Germans of WWII and the right wing Americans. And of course, they could then pin it on anyone not buying into the Democrats' left party line from pronouns to polar bears. It's now used to explain any form of patriotism, flag display, devotion to western family structure including traditional marriage, and common civil qualities like merit, hard work and duty. It fit right into the whole BLM fight created by 3 over-educated Marxist lesbians who needed a scam to make money. They may hate capitalism, but they LUV money.

Just 2 of the qualities on the scale of fascism show how silly it is, since they most perfectly describe the horrors of today's Leftist in government and academe--concern that the world is going to end (anyone heard of ramping up fear of climate change?) and obsession with sex (whoa! 50+ genders and boys can be girls by just imagining it and famous universities with medical departments to remove healthy breasts and implant penises in little confused girls?) There's more, but you get my drift. Crying fascist while pointing one finger with four pointing back at the accuser is just typical Democrat sign language.
But if you ever doubted, take a look at the slavish devotion to chaos commands of the BLM/Antifa movement and the mindless Democrats who rushed to cry "defund police," but now deny they ever said it during the George Floyd riots. The travesty of the J-6 trial and their obsession with destroying Donald Trump are perfect examples of the authoritarian scale they love to use on others.
Warning: I know nothing about this author (a British Jazz saxophonist and political writer whom the left calls racist and anti-Semitic, of course) or platform, and the site is censored by FB, so that's something. But on this topic, they are right. Our own media shows it every day in every way. Like Biden's last speech. When you have nothing to say and are an empty suit, accuse half the country of being fascist.

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