Thursday, September 29, 2022

Joe and Kamala--not a good week

Joe honored a woman in the room who was dead and Kamala said the U.S. was in an alliance with North Korea.

I don't blame them, I blame the Democrats for electing them. They knew exactly what they were getting--a confused old man past his prime (if he had one--he had a 45 year record as a gaffe machine and plagiarist) and a woman chosen for her race who actually called Biden a racist during the 2020 campaign! Now how dumb can the voters be!

And then his Spox Karine Jean-Pierre tried to cover for him when even the usually cover-up press corps brought it up. All she needed to say was, "He misspoke," and although it would have been a lie, it would have been over.  She just went on and on with her fable.

Vice President Kamala Harris commends US alliance with 'Republic of North Korea' in DMZ speech gaffe | Fox News

Watch: Joe Biden Searches Room for Deceased Congresswoman in Incredibly Awkward Moment – RedState

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