Friday, September 23, 2022

Using Radio Garden and finding Gunsmoke

 Using the Radio Garden app, you can listen to radio all over the world, so after browsing Oberlin, Ohio and Nantucket, Massachusetts, I landed in Chicago (globe has bright green lights to guide across the world), but no city names until you stop. I found a radio station, Wild West Old Time Radio, and it was playing an episode of Gunsmoke.  William Conrad played Matt Dillion. Gunsmoke (radio series) | Gunsmoke Wiki | Fandom According to the fan site, Conrad was considered (but not seriously) for the Marshall Dillion part when it went to TV, but he was too heavy.

"[Some] argue the radio version was more realistic. Episodes were aimed at adults and featured some of the most explicit content of their time, including violent crimes, scalpings, massacres, and opium addicts. Many episodes ended on a somber note, and villains often got away with their crimes.

Nonetheless, due to the subtle scripts and outstanding ensemble cast, over the years, the program evolved into a warm, often humorous celebration of human nature."

Interesting to hear the commercials--especially for cigarettes. The writing and sound effects are so good, you don't even need an old black and white TV to enjoy it.  I seem to remember my sister Carol being a big fan of this show which ran from 1952 to 1961.

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Norma said...

I remember listening to Gun Smoke with Carol while you were writing to your Pen Pals across the hall.

Your cousin