Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Compare the media treatment of Trump and Biden

Let's do a dose of "whataboutism."

Remember how hysterical the media Democrats (redundant) were about the Charlottesville attack with a car during a protest about removing a statue from a city park 4 years ago? Remember who they blamed? That's right. President Trump, who had nothing to do with it, and had said nothing violent or "fascist" about the local dispute. They condemned him as a racist for NOT condemning the perp strongly enough, even though at the time there was no motive, no information on the killing. They blasted that all over the news for months. Now compare that to the crickets from the Left and Joe Biden's handlers in the recent death of teen-ager Cayler Ellingson, 18, who was killed on Sunday in North Dakota after 41-year-old Shannon Brandt ran over him with his car deliberately following a political dispute. Brandt claims Ellingson is (was) a right wing, Republican terrorist, using the words of Biden, Clinton, and other Democrats hyperinflated with their own power. Brandt not only hasn't been condemned for following the suggests of Biden in how to deal with right wing opponents even if they've never done anything, he's walking free on low bond. Meanwhile, parents are terrorized by the government for speaking out at school board meetings, and the FBI is sent to arrest a pro-lifer in Florida whom they claim "pushed" a pro-abortion agitator. Well, Brandt "pushed" an opponent with his car, and killed him. And that guy goes free.

Democrats, especially the media, have no standards, no foundation in goodness, and no idea of truth and justice. They are all talk and they redefine the words to fit their narrative--it's not justice, it's JUST US. Whether it is about the value of life (willing to abort babies and sexually abuse children with "medical" transcare), or the security of our nation (allowing millions of unexamined border hoppers in), or the rights of women (forcing them to compete with men with the slice of a knife, or popping a hormone pill or just fantasizing about their bodily needs), they twist and turn the words to stay in power.

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