Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Elizabeth Truss, new Prime Minister UK

My friend Bill (from high school) says: "UK voters have to be thrilled! Their newly elected Prime minister, Elizabeth Truss, announced today massive changes for the UK. The UK is now suffering from 14% inflation and high energy cost we can not even understand. She is cutting income taxes as well as adjusting the income tax scheduled levels which will further reduce income taxes on citizens of the UK. In addition she is opening up fracking immediately to address the energy situation the population faces. There are other changes as well to address the problems the UK faces. You will not get any news in the USA on these changes as it is a total embarrassment to the present administration in the USA. Can the UK take over the world leadership ,position that the USA continues to destroy ? As we move into a second class country lead by the current administration we continue on our down ward direction and in many ways based upon our supply situation moving to a third class country. I don't know if the UK can supply enough energy to fill the void from Russia as the USA could have ,but it is very interesting. Prime Minister Truss immediately takes over a positive imagine in the image of Margaret Thatcher as well as being compared to Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump in terms of positive change employed in a speedy fashion."

What do you think? Why aren't we in a position to supply energy? That's a trick question. We all know it is Biden.

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