Monday, July 11, 2005

1250 A perfect summer day

We have a lot of those here in Lakeside, and I think I've used that title before. Yesterday afternoon I biked around, stopped at a friend's cottage for a glass of lemon-ade, and then biked to the Rhein Center to sign up for art classes this week. I'd originally planned to take perspective drawing, but instead chose "Portraits in Acrylics." We're supposed to bring a photo to the class today, and I think I'll bring along the one of Mr. Cloud with the bird on his head.

Then I biked to the park and settled on a park bench in the shade to listen to an hour of rag time by Sister Jean and her husband Laundry Fat. She does most of the heavy lifting on the piano, and he plays the wash board and kazoo and sings. The gazebo where they played is right on the lake so I was able to watch the sail boats go by and gaze into the leaves of the oak tree shading us.

In the evening we took a walk along the lakefront and there was a family picnic in the park with a man singing, doing a stunning imitation of Willy Nelson and Elvis Presley. Sometimes in the same song.

In the evening we walked two blocks to the auditorium to hear Phil Keaggy. Big crowd. And I also talked to my brother in Florida, but they'd only had a little rain.

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