Sunday, July 02, 2006

2649 The Chinese Acrobats

It was a crowd pleaser to say the least. Last night the Golden Dragon Acrobats, continued a 2700 year tradition, and 28 years of touring in the U.S. at the Hoover Auditorium in Lakeside, Oh. Hoover holds about 3,000 people, and I didn't see many empty seats. Initially, it was gasps and polite applause, but by the end of the program, people were on their feet cheering, whistling and whooping. They have been all over the country, and this morning we saw the young people in their cut-offs and t-shirts, strolling around Lakeside with their backpacks and overnight bags. Last night it was all grace, beauty and brilliant colors.

One thing is noticeable about this group--they are small, well-muscled, and very strong, but not anorexic-looking like so many American athletes who are acrobats and gymnists. Wonder what they eat?

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