Sunday, July 09, 2006

2679 We're here in Finland

We arrived about noon Sunday. I didn't sleep on the plane so I'm about to crash. We are enjoying our Finnish friends wonderful hospitality and plan to do some interesting sight seeing this week. We've met all 3 kids, and her mother, and toured the house Martti recently renovated. The guys are both architects, so that's seems to be keeping them busy and we've walked through a lovely forest over to a street where Martti has some homes. I've never seen so many lakes in my life!

Probably won't be doing much blogging--the keyboard is different. No MM or TT this week. Just hoping I can find some coffee in the morning.


Viamarie said...

Have a great time!

See you for next week's MM.

Take Care & God Bless.

Pixie said...

Have a wonderful trip! & hope you found that coffee! :-)

Bonita said...

Wish you could post photos....

And, I hope you have fantastic coffee rituals every day.