Saturday, January 07, 2017

Two years later, we're still vulnerable

Two years ago after the Sony hack, Obama announced a new cybersecurity agency. Yesterday I watch two security experts on the opposite side of the political fence tell why there was or wasn't evidence that Putin either did or didn't influence the recent election, both having read the exact same report. Since the intelligence report was released (not leaked as before which was evidence enough of its failure) now the American voter knows how Obama was helpless or ignored a perceived threat to our election because he thought voters would accept the worst of two flawed candidates. It's in the Constitution that the President is supposed to protect us, and he has failed.
 Here's my take.  It makes no difference--we'll never find a person who changed her vote; we'll never find a news report that isn't biased.


Americans knew who they were voting for; they knew which candidate insulted the voters; they knew which candidate would continue to use their tax dollars to kill the unborn while doing little to clean up the VA scandals; they knew which candidate would continue the scare stories about climate and which one would try to stop the drugs coming from Mexican drug lords and which would call out Islamic terrorism.
Now the American voter wonders what else we're not being told about threats to our power grid, our military, our research records, our health records which he force on to the internet in a cumbersome system,
That said, those same Americans who were sick of the lies and hate knew they would be vilified and ridiculed if they spoke their views to pollsters and anonymous callers. They knew the hate the leftist were directing at them; they'd read about CEOs who'd lost jobs for how they voted in California. 
I think the surprise at the Trump win, even from his supporters, had nothing to do with Putin. It had everything to do with the hate, fear and scorn directed at ordinary Americans. It was our very own political power house Democrats from the very top in the White House, to the candidate they chose, to the DNC's Podesta, to the media lap dogs to the Republican never Trumpers and Congressional swamp dwellers who ignored the sluggish economy with all the part time jobs, the street riots and protests, rising health care costs, and illegals pouring over our borders.


unhappy repub said...

someone said once" All are entitled to their own opinion.not their own facts. You are determined to hold to your own fanciful facts.

Norma said...

You would certainly know something about vilifying and lies.