Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Does ideology matter to Trump?

Rush Limbaugh said something interesting today and I paraphrase. Donald Trump really doesn't understand the left; he isn't conservative or liberal. I think that's true--at least I've never heard him say anything about a person's ideology. I seriously doubt he knows Trotsky from Alinsky.  He's a business man accustomed to working with all types. He believes in free markets (sort of) because that's a good business principle. He thinks borders should be secure because he believes why have a border if it is ignored and drugs, criminals, etc. cross over.  It must be a shock to him to be called racist, homophobic and sexist by the middle school mean girls, since before running for President he schmoozed with all types and they fawned over him, invited him to their parties, and told him he was wonderful because of his influence. When John Civil Rights Icon says something stupid and attacks Trump, he just reacts by punching back, and doesn't delve into any socialist twaddle or diversity dribble that has kept that Icon on salary (he got to Icon status by being beaten near to death by Democrats). When the black Congressional lock step club pressure each other to not attend the inauguration and powers higher than them smack around entertainers and school marching bands, Trump takes it personally, but doesn't seem to see the fog of statism in over under around and through it where everyone has to obey, pay a fine, lose their livelihood, be shunned or jailed.

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