Sunday, January 15, 2017

Good-bye, President Obama

Good-bye, President Obama. I do have some positive things to say. I loved your family (as promoted by the mainstream media, about which I hope they were accurate). I wish more young men would live up to your example of a faithful husband and involved father. I loved that the American people, black, white, young, old, Republican and Democrat had put the past behind them and voted a black man into the White House. But your party came before your race, honor and your country. It was a huge disappointment for millions. Race relations, as all the burning cities, cop killings, rising crime rates and demonstrations show, have never been worse. But maybe it helped break the mold of politics as usual--the Republicans fielded the most diverse group of candidates in the history of the country--female, black, Hispanic, Indian, leaders of industry, doctors, a pastor. It was fabulous. Democrats brought out same old, same old. Former FLOTUS. Aging socialist.

Being a retiree living on investments (either pension or private) we did well, as did anyone with investments. Especially the super rich. I hope under Trump, more Americans, particularly those who've been added to SNAP and unemployment roles (millions more than 2008) can also start to save and invest and pay off debt.
You did fail us in all matters of security--foreign wars, border, and cyber. You schmoozed with our enemies and stabbed long time friends in the back. It's nice to have a glib sense of humor and charming speeches on the telepromptor, but we needed much more. You are with the party of bullies and bigots and I hope as the titular (and only young) leader, you could turn that around. That would be real change.

We conservatives had 8 years of pain and frustration while your socialist, tired, boring ideas destroyed your national party. That "popular" vote Ms. Clinton got was made up of only a few boroughs in NYC and LA--otherwise she lost by 500,000 popular votes. We are United States, don't let your party of poopers destroy the country with marches, demonstrations and fake news. If you are as much a patriot as you say, you can do it.

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