Sunday, January 29, 2017

The immigration and refugee ban--Carter, Reagan, GWBush, Obama and Trump

White House documents show that former President Barack Obama banned people at least six times, 2011-2014; President Bill Clinton issued six immigrant bans; George W. Bush six immigrant bans; and former President Ronald Reagan four. And in 1980, former President Jimmy Carter banned Iranians after Tehran seized the U.S. embassy. (Washington Examiner, June 15, 2016)  We've had a Terrorist Travel Prevention Act since 1986. It was updated in February of last year (when Trump was not the President). "Have you traveled to, or been present in, Iraq, Syria, Iran, or Sudan on or after March 1, 2011?"

It was embarrassing. This morning  I watched Martha Raddatz interviewing/interrogating Sean Spicer, the president's spokesman. If she'd looked at the history of the law (those countries were designated by Obama) she could have looked alert and awake.

After decades of maligning Americans as homophobes and racists in school textbooks, films, theater, NPR, TV and internet, a nasty nation which stole the land from gentle aboriginals who only wanted to protect the environment and enjoy each other, after ginning up rape statistics to make us the most dangerous country on the planet and lying about poverty and income gap--now the left gets all kum ba ya, decides to read a few verses in the Bible after ridiculing Christians and stabbing Jews in the back, and says, "This is not who we are." All over a 30 year law which has been used by the last 4 presidents to fight terrorism.

 Calm down, Obama supporters, liberal pastors, and hysterical teachers and librarians. President Trump is only returning things to normal. Perhaps those waiting in line for years doing it the legal way will now have an opportunity. His "order temporarily halts refugee admissions for 120 days to improve the vetting process, then caps refugee admissions at 50,000 per year. Outrageous, right? Not so fast. Before 2016, when Obama dramatically ramped up refugee admissions, Trump’s 50,000 stands roughly in between a typical year of refugee admissions in George W. Bush’s two terms and a typical year in Obama’s two terms." With the media so twisted and biased, you will have a tough time remaining calm and informed, but at least you'll know more than you did the last 8 years. There was more coverage of the 12 people detained in JFK than there was of the half a million people marching for life the day before.

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