Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Trump Haters

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When I think of the Obama supporters who have berated me for my blogs the last 8 years calling me a racist and complaining I should just give him a chance. And now they want to disrupt the inauguration, march and demonstrate, call names and get hysterical. Now who are the haters? I'm so ashamed of some of my unhinged friends. At least I wrote about policies--failing, socialist policies. Trump has threatened to save babies, to keep out terrorists and fight drug trafficking. He's unhinged Washington, even the Republicans because it is a closed club, not responsible to the people who voted for them. What low income or minority American is better off because they had the emotional boost of a black president? Only if they are celebrities who performed at his events or worked in the investment companies he favored.  The Trump haters are like a lynch mob with media support--they won't stop until they've killed someone and blamed him. I thought they went round the bend with Bush, but it's an addiction.

Gather your little Democrat club and go march and demand change in Chicago. It's all theirs. Hasn't been a Republican administration in my life time. You can really get that 60's feel you old timers are looking for.

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