Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Electoral College and the popular vote

If you're still complaining that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote (I must have heard it 5 times watching broadcast TV yesterday), keep in mind, this is the second time she won the popular vote and lost the election. In 2008, she won the popular vote in the Democrat primaries--I don't know how to figure the percentage, but it was greater than in 2016. But as with the Electoral College which lets the states speak, she didn't win the right number of primaries. That said, I admire her for showing up yesterday. Classier than the Democrats who put on the pout and stayed home. Now more Democrats/Progressives/Anarchists/ and all around poor sports who didn't vote are descending on DC.  In some cities there have been some serious injuries.  In DC, cars were set on fire, trash was burned, police were spit on, and head bashed in.

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