Monday, January 09, 2017

The Golden Globes propaganda show

FBI document dump (not Wikileaks) of Clinton e-mails during the Golden Globes and football, as Meryl "The Devil wears Prada" Streep whined that Hollywood stars are being maligned. By whom? Actors have fancy award shows for themselves holding the TV audience hostage while they condemn the next president of the United States.I didn't watch the show--just saw the juicy, slimy parts on Fox.  I was catching up on "The is Us" and one of the actresses who plays Kate the obese daughter, Chrissy Metz, was up for an award (didn't win).  The new season starts Tuesday on NBC.  It really is a quality show--let's see if they can keep it up.  The obligatory gay character/problem was introduced in the last minutes of the 10th episode of season one and one of the favorites seems to be dying in the hospital. And that's all I'll tell in case you have seen it.

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Sue said...

Did Jody die?