Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Blue (Democrat) Church Ladies

I read that the blue church ladies are going to march in DC to protest President Trump. My loyal, to the death, Democrat friend is marching in solidarity with others who just can't imagine life without Obama. Their beliefs could classify them as a cult--hysterical, closed minded, bigoted fundamentalists, worshiping leaders with feet of clay and hands outstretched for tax money. They are late to the party. The real church ladies have been marching for life in DC in the freezing January cold for the last 40 years. They march to save the unborn. The same reason they and I voted for Donald Trump. Although Trump's not well known as an advocate for life, we're hoping he'll make the right decision for SCOTUS appointments. Could be our last chance. We know Ms. Clinton's stance--anytime, any sex (but mostly female), and especially if minority or disabled. She stated it clearly in the debates. Deplorable, that's her.

Planned Parenthood isn't just a killing field, it's a money laundering scheme with tax money returned to Democrat candidates and causes. There are 13,540 non-abortion, federally-funded health clinics that serve low-income, medically under-served populations in the United States in comparison to 665 Planned Parenthood centers. Do you really think poor women will suffer if that half a billion in our tax dollars benefits them and their babies in federal free clinics instead of PP which charges huge fees?  If you do, you're blind and deaf or marijuana is legal in your state.

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