Monday, January 16, 2017


Socialism, Communism and Fascism are triplets birthed from the same 19th century European womb of Lady Statism. It is where government must forcibly control industry, unions, church,  the press, academe, and personal thought and morality. In the 20th century Communism (USSR and its satellites, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba) and Fascism (Germany, Italy and some parts of Africa like Uganda and Rwanda)  were responsible for probably 100 million humans condemned to  “death by government.” It wasn’t war casualties from WWI and WWII--these millions were citizens killed by their own government. Take all the wars from the beginning of recorded history, whether religious, tribal, monarchy or cultural, and you won’t come close to the losses of the “enlightened” 20th century. The USSR imploded with the help of the famous freedom triplets--a president, a prime minister and a pope.  Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and John Paul II.

A country’s safety net for the poor, elderly and disabled is not socialism; providing transportation systems, public education and military protection or border security  is not socialism;  forcing everyone, including the middle class, wealthy and self insured in the country to purchase a product on threat of fine or jail such as inadequate and overpriced health insurance IS SOCIALISM; forcing the general public to submit on threat of jail to national bathroom regulations IS SOCIALISM; allowing hateful speech and disruptions of events for a white president as just first amendment rights, but not a black president IS SOCIALISM.

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